“Siri, do you have a mommy?”
A simple question can change your life.

When our founder’s 4 year old daughter asked Siri this question, it started a quest in his heart to live forever for his daughter. He said to himself, “Today she speaks to Siri but one day in the future I want her to speak to me like this even if I’m not alive.” This quest for immortality has led to something much bigger for humanity because the next personal computer - is you.

Our vision is to be the world’s most trusted guardians of your personal digital twin and move the human race forward. Humanity’s next evolutionary step is to combine ourselves with Ai and move humanity forward so we are no longer bound by anything. As you create your personal digital twin you’ll go on a lifelong journey of personal discovery and growth that will allow you to reach your full potential.

As Socrates once said, "To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom".

Our App Features

Save Your Data

Guided questions help train your digital twin to know your life story so you can live forever through data. Each answer gets it a little bit close to becoming you.

Learn about yourself

Using cutting edge cognitive analysis you’ll be able to get valuable insights into each answer and understand how your mind works.

Feel the power of Self-reflection

Each answer will help bring focus to your mind and allow you to reflect on your past. You’ll gain inner strength and grow braver from each interaction.

Data Security

We are GDPR, CCPA and CPRA compliant and your data is stored with a distributed ledger that makes it very difficult for anyone to steal your personal information or identify you.

Multi-language compatibility

Our product will launch supporting both English and Spanish but very soon we will be supporting over 46 languages.

Share your Personal Digital Twin

Life is best lived when it’s shared. You have complete control as to how to share your life story and personal digital twin with friends and family.

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  • I met Emil shortly after he got his idea and I was blown away by the potential of the concept. Ahmet Gyger - Lead Engineering Program Manager (Siri) and Advisor at Mind Bank Ai

  • The team at Mind Bank Ai is onto something remarkable for the health industry and all of humanity.

    Jose Arrieta - ex-CIO US Department of Health & Human Services

  • Mind Bank Ai is one of the few times in my life that I have been blown away by the potential of the technology. Michai Mathieu Morin - C-level futurist consultant

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"This personal digital twin Mind Bank Ai envisions will be built up, across your lifetime, from a data set of you"

By Freething Magazine


  • What is a Personal digital twin?

    A Personal Digital Twin, as you may have guessed from its name, is a digital version of yourself. It is made possible by safely storing your data over the years. The Artificial Intelligence and computers of the future will have ample data to compile a digital version of yourself and predict your response. To put it simply, your twin can learn how you think. You will receive questions from the platform and train it by answering them. Really easy! It is like a fitness app for your mind :).

  • How does it work?

    Your twin will ask you questions every day, and learn to think like you by analysing your answers. The more questions you answer, the closer your Personal Digital Twin will get to becoming you.

  • What can a Personal Digital Twin do?

    Your personal twin can help you understand different aspects of your mind, help you grow through self reflection and ultimately live forever through data. One example is that you will be able to see how your thoughts shift topics or change sentiment over time. After continued use, your digital twin will even be able to answer many questions on your behalf and have a meaningful conversation with people you allow.

  • How secure is my data?

    As a Microsoft partner we are constantly monitoring our platform security and our team spends countless hours to make sure your data is safe. We are GDPR, CCPA and CPRA compliant and your data is stored in a way that makes it very difficult for anyone to steal your personal information or identify you.

  • What is the marketplace?

    We are currently developing a marketplace for applications to be used by your digital twin. Imagine being able to get health related enhancements like early Alzheimer's detection, help to handle depression, leadership training or mental nutrition products that can help boost your brain. All of these and more features will be available via an opt-in option you control.

  • When will the product launch?

    We are working hard to get the first Beta version of the application on the market by early Summer 2021. The full blown version with all the features you see on the video will be out by Fall 2021. Buy now and take advantage of our pre-launch offer.